[En] Active Summer University Sleepaway Camp 2013


Active Summer University Sleepaway Camp is looking for 6 volunteers to work as teachers of English.
Candidates must have a certificate proving high proficiency in English and desire to work with kids. The camp is situated 40 km away from Chita. Your travel expenses will be covered 100%, i.e. the round-trip air tickets and your visa will be reimbursed. Your insurance policy though will not be covered. Food and accomodation will be provided during the project. All excursions are free.
To apply you need to send your CV, a motivation letter, a scan of the certificate proving your knowledge of English and one of your recent photos to oksana.ochirova@gmail.com. Your application will not be considered if one of the documents will be missing. A Skype interview will be scheduled with the successful applicants a week or so after all applications will be considered. After the interview the best applicants will present their programs.

Target group: volunteers with good knowledge of English and the culture of UK, France, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic from any country and the abbilities to work with children.

Deadline for application: 07/04/2013
Start of the program: 17/07/2013
End of the program: 06/08/2013
More details: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowEvent.aspx?Event=active-summer-university-sleepaway-camp-2013

Contact: oksana.ochirova@gmail.com