[En] International volunteer camp “BREAD”


Art-eco settlement “Obyrok” became famous as a center of cultural and artistic life. Numerous festivals, art events and workshops took place there organized by hospitable and creative owners. One of the biggest events is festival “Bread” aimed to plant and collect wheat as it was used to be 100 years ago in Ukraine. Visitors will sow, reap and mill wheat with simple tools, bake bread in stove, learn traditional ceremonies and songs of bread making.

You can be a volunteer and help organize this festival. The volunteers will help to prepare place for the festival “Bread” and improve an infrastructure of the settlement, as well as assist with various tasks during the festival itself and clean-up the territory after the event.
The volunteers will learn all steps of bread production from grain to loaf of bread, get to know Ukrainian traditions of bread making, they will also have opportunity to enjoy various events such as movie screening, art and music performances during the festival.
The volunteers will stay in the house on the territory of the eco-settlement “Obyrok” which is located next to the lake and surrounded by pine forest. Please bring your own sleeping bag, touristic mattress, cup, plate, spoon and fork.

Language of communication: English, local language — Ukrainian

Target group: people aged 18 and above.
Location: Obyrok, Chernigyv region, Ukraine

Deadline for applying: 12.07.2013
Festival dates: 31.07.2013 – 14.08.2013

You can apply through your local SCI branch or partner organization from your country.
More information about registration and application you will find on the websites: http://www.sciint.org/volunteer-with-sci/how and workcamps.info.

Details about the organization “Obyrok”: http://obyrok.livejournal.com/