[En] Transilvania: Learning the knowhow to traditional biofarming


JJ FILMS CULTURE organize a project to promote transilvanian old ways of life. The purpose of this project is to teach the volunteers how to produce, in a Transilvanian bio-farming manner, bio-products, such as cheese, honey, or even pies.

The process of learning would include the access to ways of working with (for instance) the cheese in a very authentic manner and also the teaching of well preserved ancient cooking recipes. The volunteer will live, work and celebrate the customs together with a typical Transilvanian Community, that still leads its life as it used to do 100 years ago. The volunteer will live together with a family that still works in a traditional manner.

The volunteer should be eager to spend a lot of time in the outdoors. They should have a natural desire to learn how to produce a series of natural (bio) products such as: cheese, pastry, honey etc. Previous experience in a bio farm could be a plus. The communication language of this project is English. The volunteer would receive, for the entire period of the project, accommodation (room) and 3 meals / day for free. However, the selected volunteer should pay themself for their trip to Romania and back, and also have their pocket money (in case they want to travel around, or purchase something extra).
Details about last year’s project and JJ FILMS CULTURE: http://jjfilms.org/

Application procedure: CV & strong motivation letter

Location: Posaga Community, Romania
Deadline for applying: 10.07.2013
Project period: 29.07.2013 – 12.08.2013

Details about household: http://www.youthnetworks.eu/ShowVacancy.aspx?Vacancy=tranylvania-learning-the-knowhow-to-biofarming

Contact: Ioana Joca
Phone: +40722910724
Email : ioanajoca@hotmail.com