LEAN Startup Crash Course in Chișinău


All you need to know about how to build a startup successfully today. Covers the methodologies of Business Model Generation, Customer Development & Agile Engineering collectively known as the Lean Startup from Stanford and Berkeley.

Event’s content

• Why startups are not small companies;
• The Lean Startup Methodologies;
• Business Model Engineering
• Customer Development
• Agile Engineering & Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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Vidar Andersen (b. 1975) is an award winning Norwegian Internet software veteran of 20 years, a startup founder, hack(er), entrepreneur, organizer, (micro) investor, educator, learner, moderator, speaker, advisor and consultant to large companies on digital transformation, innovation and growth currently living in Dusseldorf near Cologne, Germany – and in airplanes around the world.
The event is supported by USAID Moldova.